Martin Wojtunik is a Toronto based Director/cinematographer.  His Background in music videos, Narrative and Documentaries have given him a unique, fast paced, & Natural look that has allowed him to seamlessly transition into the commercial marketplace.  

Martin is always on the forefront of adapting emerging technologies into projects.  But only in the effort to ever push the story,  Story is Paramount. He is always eager to seek out ways to engage the viewer in a new and exciting way.  This paired with spirit of wanting to create something dynamic is what make his collaborations last lifetimes.  

Besides long walks on the beach and Cliches, he enjoys collaborating with any filmmakers wanting to go a longer distance to achieve something special.  His eye for cinematic composition and lighting has garnished two nomination in the Canadian Society of Cinematographers as well as further solidifying his place amongst top agencies like

Ogilvy & Mather, Edelman Canada and spinmaster